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Valle de Lecrín, GRANADA, Spain
Revista y agenda cultural del Valle de Lecrín

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011


Last January the club La Verea opened the register for EURORAND, the best walking circuit in Europe, consisting of 50,000 km. This event is coming to Spain for the first time, arriving in Almeria and Granada. Members of the organisation act as guides on the more popular routes.
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Weekly market, Pinos del Valle

12:00 Bell ringing. Eucarist and benediction for children. Durcal
19:00 Eucarist and lowering of St Blas. Durcal
22:30 Flamenco. Performance by “ANA CALI AND HER GROUP”
Foto: Vanesa Sánchez
Location: Carpa Municipal de Durcal. And after Verbena. More to be announced.

Weekly market, Durcal. It is the place where la MUNICIPAL TENT is held, although we can’t confirm this will take place.

9.00 Diana Floreada with La Banda Amigos of La Musica de Durcal
9.00 Laudes, Durcal
9.30 Eucarist, Durcal
12.00 Eucarist Celebrated, Durcal
13.00 Concert with La Banda de Amigos of the Musica de Durcal
loc: Plaza Espana
14.00 LARGE PAELLA POPULAR: Municipal Tent, Durcal
17.30 Vespers, Durcal
18.00 Eucarist and Procession of San Blas, Durcal
20.00 Language Exchange “The Sandpit Club”
c/ Baja, S/N,Chite
22.00 Verbena in Durcal. Performance by the Orchestra Coconut Band and The Black Devils
loc.: Municipal Tent.

Weekly market, Albunuelas and Izbor

12.00 Eucarist, Durcal
17.30 Vespers, Durcal
18.00 Eucarist and procession of the ‘Virgen del Carmen”. Durcal
18.00 Football Sala, Provincial league. Pre-Benjamin category
C.D. Durcal – C.D. Huetor Vega, loc. Pabellon Muicipal ‘Carlos Cano” Durcal
22.00 Verbena. Performance by the orchestra Coconut Band and the Black Devils.
Loc. Municipal tent, Durcal.
23.00 Vinyl Night in Atalayi, Niguelas. Dust out your old vinyl and have fun. Camino de Durcal, 25, Niguelas

Weekly market, Padul and Mondujar.

Foto: Vanesa Sánchez
10.00 PAULO A6, Loc:Salon del Monte, Durcal
10.00 Open Doors in la Pista Municipal de Padel
loc: Estadio Municipal “Jose Lopez” (Football Field Durcal)
registration free, tel: 659 44 26 69
11.00 Football Sala. Provincial league. Category Benjamin.C.D. Durcal-C.D.La Zubia
loc: Pabellon Municipal “Carlos Cano”, Durcal.
12.oo Football Sala. Provincial league. Category Alevin
U.P.Durcal “Todo Chimeneas” Edeport las Gabias “B”
Loc: Pabellon Municipal “Carlos Cano” Durcal
12.00 CHILDREN’S GREASY POLE, loc: Plaza de Espana, Durcal
16.30 Table Tennis 1ª division provincial league
U.P. Durcal “Constructora Tuyser”- Caja Granada “A”
U.P. Durcal “Comercial Cinco”- La Raqueta Monachil
Loc: Pabellon Municipal “Carlos Cano” Durcal
22.oo FERNANDO BEIZTEGUI TRIO (100% Blues) + guests
loc: Casa de Lino. c/ Agua, 2. NIGUELAS
23.30 YOUTH CONCERT, Durcal. To be confirmed.

Foto: Luis Chacón
10.00 Start of the hike ‘EXTRAGRUPO’, Cozvijar to Conchar
loc: Cubo De Caja Granada- Parque de las Ciencas
10.00 Children’s Day on the Swings. Durcal
10.00 Open Doors in la Pista Municipal de Padel
loC: Minicipal Stadium “Jose Lopez” (Football Field) Durcal
registration free tel: 659 44 26 69
10.30 Table Tennis Tournament loc: Pabellon Municipal “Carlos Cano”
11.00 Agriculture Market and Artesans from Valley Lecrin, “Comete El Valle”

The Siesta Blues Band will play on the terrace of La Salerosa
Loc: Plaza de Saleres (El Valle)

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