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domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Wellcome to La Balconada

 From our local ‘mirador’ Balconada, one can make out the Lecrin Valley extending all the way down to the coast. This area has been populated by man since time immemorial, as valuable documented and verbal historical heritage shows.
From this typical viewing point we can make out throngs of people going about their daily lives in the streets and squares of the villages below. The scene encourages us to join-in; listen to the telling of the stories of rural lives which anoint this special corner of Spain with such colour. We will not leave these walls of the ‘mirador’ naked, having the possibility to dress them with the varied hand-tooled crafts from this area of Granada.
 Explore the numerous walks which crisscross the area; breath in the heady fragrance from the lemon and orange groves, delight in the blossom of the almond trees in spring and wonder at the strange forms of the ubiquitous olive trees which produce liquid gold. The flora and fauna of the valley, which has been integrated into the lives of the inhabitants, gives endless pleasure on the trail.
 We will decorate this private theatre box with the folklore of its villages, and stop along the way to delight the palate with local products from its varied and excellent cuisine.
We want to make a record of the past, the present and the future of the Lecrin Valley, contemplated from this viewing point south of Granada. We live in an era that we call The Era of Communications. For us this communication begins with: the people nearest, it is about, the place in which we live and the history and nature that surrounds us. 

We invite you to share a glimpse with us from La Balconada.

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